Live Chat & Live Help Software

Clickdriven Media Group can offer a low cost live chat and live help feature to your website with an easy to integrate plug and play code. You can offer visitors to your website immediate assistance whether it is for support, service, or sales.

What does Live Chat and Live Help do for you on your website:

  • Offer assistance to website visitors on a page to see if they need help. As a live chat operator you will be able to view in real time which pages visitors are on, and where they are geographically located.

  • You can access chat transcripts and find the keywords your customers are using. This will help to see if you need to revise your content for others to better understand.

  • Preview what is being typed so you can be clued in to what they need help with before they even ask.

  • Reply with "canned" responses that you have prepared in advance.

Interested in comparing our Live Chat and Live Help product to others you have looked at? Contact us.